Hosting New Friends at the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

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Approximately 60 people from all over the country traveled from their nationwide agencies to join together in Dallas for the annual summit of the National Industries for the Blind’s Compliance Team. This central summit was held in a downtown hotel just four miles south of DLB’s main uptown Capitol Avenue campus where I’ve had the pleasure of working for nearly a decade. It was a great opportunity to host representatives from the AbilityOne Commission and NIB.  It’s always an honor to showcase our talented employees and to inform others about our services and plans to meet the needs of the 150,000 residents in North Central Texas who are blind or visually impaired. Following our extensive tour, we enjoyed a delicious lunch together in the universal break room. The food was catered by one of our favorite establishments, Desperados Mexican restaurant. They are also proud caterers of the Dallas Mavericks, the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, and the 2011 Super Bowl. When DLB hosts, we strive to do it right. If you want to see some cool camaraderie and hard work, I encourage you to schedule a tour with me to be enlightened to the max! I may even treat you to lunch, and it’ll probably be our fancy Whataburger across the street.

I was recently blessed to make a brand new friend, Michele Love. Michele is Human Resource Director with Lions Volunteer Blind Industries in Morristown, TN. “I had the distinct pleasure of touring Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind during the 2019 NIB Compliance Summit in February,” said Michele. “I enjoyed seeing how other agencies are able to integrate blind and visually impaired individuals into the workforce. Dallas Lighthouse has done an amazing job of providing workplace modifications to allow the blind and vision impaired to work towards independence through employment with their agency. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to gather ideas to take back home to East Tennessee.”

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Blake Lindsay