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NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Blake at Sports Extravaganza 10.27.18 no1.jpg

On October 27th, I had the huge honor of representing Envision DLB during a milestone occasion. I was asked to kick off the 20th annual Sports Extravaganza where students with visual impairments are bound by no limits. It was a perfect fall Saturday morning, 70 degrees and sunny. I enjoyed giving an enthusiastic pep talk to help get them set for this high-energy event.

Region 10 Education Service Center staff and the Lions Club International 2-X1 started this special event in 1998 in response to the need for an increased emphasis on recreation and lifetime leisure skill development for children who are blind and visually impaired.  Students from all over the state of Texas and the United States were encouraged to compete. More than 500 people from 55 school districts in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Alabama participate each October in this special Sports Extravaganza. The competitions include goalball, beep baseball, and many more. The volunteers are passionate about this event. I enjoyed getting to know several repeat helpers who love to see those who can’t see well or see at all enjoy an exciting and rigorous competitive environment. On the last Saturday in October, this takes place at the same North Texas location—Nimitz High School in Irving—offering sufficient space for the competition.

Lions and Region 10, thank you for your 20 years of dedication to this worthwhile event, which gives those who are blind or visually impaired the chance to make great memories that will stay in their minds and hearts for the rest of their lives.

NOVEMBER 13, 2018

My friend and team player Jennifer Watts and I facilitated one of our most enjoyable tours at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind.  It was inspirational for an excited, smart young lady named Avery Mathews. “It was her 10th birthday, and my gift to her was to be an experience she would remember,” said her friend Evelyn Raws.  Evelyn had been here years ago and knew how much it would mean to young Avery to witness this and never forget.  We love to educate people of all ages about the many responsibilities that people who are legally and totally blind take on and excel at.


APRIL 6, 2018

Blake wheeling and dealing with Congressman Pete Sessions on the left and legendary nutrition and wellness expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper on the right, one of Blake's heroes.